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Time Management

A popular topic amongst professionals today, which is often a challenge, is time management. As an Executive Coach, I work with a lot of clients on this topic, and I often share the quote, “either you run the day, or the day will run you.” Sometimes, that is easier said than done.

Here are three approaches that I have found to be effective when trying to increase effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity.

1. Create a daily routine. By establishing a structure, you can turn daily tasks into habits, and it helps promote focus.

2. Use time blocking. This design is meant for you to schedule EVERYTHING you plan to do in a day. From meetings, exercise, eating, and sleeping. This approach helps you plan the time you need to do the things you need to do.

3. Work in pomodoro. Take a break for every segment you work. If you completed a 25-minute meeting, give yourself a 5-minute break. The goal is to reduce the effect of internal and external interruptions on focus.

These are just a few strategies on time management, but they have proven to be effective for me and a lot of my clients.

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