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What Clients Have Said

Transformed me professionally

“Working with Dee has increased my self-awareness, confidence and tapped into my strengths.”

Mike Smith, Severna Park, MD

Senior Executive, Federal Government

"Dee is a trusted results-oriented visionary coach and leadership trainer.  She is naturally talented in providing her clients with a thorough and conscientious coaching approach helping them to leverage their strengths and unlock their potential and meet their goals.  Dee ask quality probing questions in an approachable manner that allows you to open up about yourself allowing her to build a meaningful professional relationship quickly."

Tulie White, New York
VP, Global Learning & Development

"I leave each interaction with a clear understanding of what "work" is required of me to develop, set and achieve successful personal and professional goals.  Dee has been vital in helping me to self-assess and grow into an effective leader and manager.  If you sincerely desire to improve yourself, invest in yourself, and add her to your team."

Anthonio Brockington, Honolulu, HI
Senior Executive

"I was lucky to be assigned to Dee as my executive coach for a work Executive Leadership Program. What makes Dee an outstanding coach is her ability to get you to really think about your goals, identify what you need to change and execute on those goals."

Michelle Sagel, TX

Senior Executive for Global Marketing


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