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 Dee Allen 

Consulting N Coaching 


Coaching N Consulting

Services Offered

Pink Gradient

Executive &

Leadership Coaching

Aimed at enhancing the skills, effectiveness, and overall performance of executives, leaders, and high-performing individuals within organizations.


Sessions are designed to facilitate personal growth and development, enabling leaders to maximize their potential while providing the motivation and support needed to take ownership of their goals and achieve results.



Designed to provide a systematic process of providing guidance, support, and development opportunities to a team, enabling them to achieve their goals and maximize their potential. 

Sessions will include facilitating open communication, fostering a positive team culture, and promoting a shared vision and common objectives.



Starting with a comprehensive assessment of the organization’s current leadership practices, culture, and goals, sessions will provide feedback to help organizations enhance their leadership capabilities, improve organizational performance and drive overall success.



Aimed to deliver leadership development programs and workshops that align with an organization’s goals and objectives.

Sessions will provide a supportive and engaging learning environment that utilizes various learning methodologies that encourages participants to reflect, share ideas and actively participate in discussions and activities.



Provide guidance on promoting and implementing inclusive practices and policies within an organization.

Sessions will help organizations foster a diverse and inclusive working environment where all employees can thrive.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower individuals and organizations by cultivating leaders who inspire, motivate, and transform the world around them. We are dedicated to providing exceptional leadership coaching and development services that unlock the full potential of leaders, enabling them to create positive and lasting impacts on their teams, communities, and beyond.

 Connect with Dee

Ready to reach your goals? Contact Dee to schedule an appointment. 

Executive/Leadership Coaching

Designed to work with leaders to dramatically improve their outlook on work, improving their behaviors and skills and unlocking dormant potential. Specializing in leadership capability, capacity and confidence, I can assist with the motivation and support needed to take ownership of your goals and achieve results.

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